Craxel and Valkyrie Intelligence Partner to Deliver Highly Secure, Highly Trusted AI Solutions

Craxel and Valkyrie Intelligence Partner to Deliver Highly Secure, Highly Trusted AI Solutions

Today, we announced a partnership with Valkyrie Intelligence, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) services and machine learning R&D. The purpose of this partnership is to solve the key trust and performance issues facing demanding AI use cases in areas such as IoT, smart cities, Fintech, and autonomous cars.

Cyber attacks are as pervasive as ever and they are eroding digital trust. Customers still expect their information to be protected and used responsibly. At the same time, AI is fundamentally changing how digital businesses operate, requiring more and more access to data. However, to achieve significant insights that impact business decisions, AI solutions need to organize and quickly process large volumes of data all the while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the data. Unfortunately, today's AI solutions rely on the same technology that fails over and over again to keep our information safe.

Craxel is leading a revolution in cryptography that promises to set a new standard for digital trust. We bring two unfair advantages to the fight. First, our high performance searchable encryption allows us to organize massive amounts of strongly encrypted information so that AI algorithms can rapidly access exactly what they need when they need it; without the information ever being vulnerable in the data layer. This provides unprecedented confidentiality and security. Second, our distributed ledger technology provides the same trustless and immutable properties of blockchain without all the privacy, latency, scalability, and consistency problems. Our distributed ledger technology can be used at massive scale to maintain the chain of custody of both the input data and the results. This provides the assurance needed so that you can trust the insights your algorithms produce.

Valkyrie Intelligence and Craxel are combining these breakthroughs with Valkyrie’s proprietary algorithms deployed on the Mark 1 deep learning server to overcome the challenges facing AI. By pairing Craxel's scalability, speed and unprecedented security with Valkyrie’s proprietary algorithms, cutting-edge R&D and revolutionary hardware, we can offer greater analytical capabilities with a higher level of security and assurance than previously imaginable. The results are transformational AI solutions that can safely and quickly turn client data into actionable intelligence with an unprecedented level of digital trust.

Our partnership with Valkyrie Intelligence has been highlighted in the Austin Business Journal(pay wall). You can also find more information about our products at our respective web sites: Valkyrie Intelligence and Craxel.