Transformational Digital Trust

Transformational Digital Trust

Craxel sets a new standard for establishing and maintaining digital trust. We deliver transformational digital trust to our customers. That sounds great, but what does that mean?

Everyone knows that IT is too complex and has too much attack surface to keep information safe from a determined attacker. We can try to defend the perimeter, keep patching and scanning, but ultimately the best we can do is be prepared to mitigate the damage when the inevitable breach occurs. We hope we're not in the news tomorrow and resigning in disgrace the day after holding a bunch of worthless stock options. If we are a board member or executive, we really have no idea if our IT systems are secure. If we are a cyber security professional, we know that we can't lock down every zero-day vulnerability or guarantee an employee won't click something they shouldn't. It is a constant arms race as vulnerabilities get closed and new ones exploited. We can't really trust anything because of the incredible amount of complexity at every layer of the stack. Pretty hopeless, right?

Wrong. There is hope. Disruptive innovations regularly occur in response to challenges that appear bigger than any solution we can imagine. The disruptive innovation that has arrived to address the cyber security challenge is high performance searchable encryption. Although searchable encryption has been studied for many years, it hasn't been fast enough, secure enough, or capable enough until now. The world will simply be shocked at the impact it will have on cyber security. Imagine being able to securely and efficiently organize and search information without having to decrypt it. This eliminates the attack surface in the data layer, where information spends 99.9% of its life. The impact of this reduction is simply transformational. The data layer becomes a trust layer. The attack surface at the application layer is minimized and information is potentially vulnerable there for only very short durations. Instead of spending our time and resources trying to plug every hole, we can prioritize the remaining attack surface. High performance searchable encryption is truly a disruptive innovation.

An interesting aspect of this disruption in information security is that a new standard is going to eventually be set. Right now, companies are protecting their sensitive and valuable information using the same best practices as their peers. These failing practices are the current standard. Most everyone believes they will get hacked and many are hoping they will keep their jobs because they met the current standard. The fact that high performance searchable encryption works and is practical will change that standard. There will ultimately be two kinds of companies. There will be companies that have established and maintain a high level of digital trust with their customers through the transformation of their data layer into a trust layer. There will be those that do not and they will see their customers' trust erode. Which do you want to be?

Craxel can help you keep your valuable and sensitive information safe and useful so that you can establish and maintain a high level of digital trust with your customers. Please visit us at